Wooden Toys and Gifts for all the Family

Nok On Wood was established in 2006 out of a desire to highlight the wonderful array of beautiful wooden toys that are mostly unavailable through high street stores and toy shops.

Throughout the development of the business we have been working closely with the ethos of child development and age appropriate toys and activities. 

What we have discovered is that encouraging active and creative play that is in rhythm with a child's development provides them with a good foundation to build their physical, social, emotional and intellectual intelligence. 

Although we recognise the draw towards digital toys, we have found that the longer they can be avoided the better start in life a child has.

In alignment with this is our belief that it is through the appreciation of beauty and wonder that we relate to the living world around us. 

When spending time in nature we appreciate the beauty and harmony that surrounds us and marvel at how mother nature creates this without any visible conscious effort. It usually brings us a sense of joy and well-being.

Re-creating this beauty and harmony in the home can bring the same sense of well-being into our daily life. With this inner quality, what we then bring into being through our personal endevours (both recreational and in our work) can be reflected out into the world. 

Our introduction of home gifts has grown out of this initiative. Firstly with some of our own creations (KooKoo Crafts) and also by including some of the wooden crafts and gifts that come our way when we are sourcing products.  The intention is to offer items that inspire and uplift, or are just a pleasure to have around.

We hope you like what we have to offer.


We provide a Free Delivery Service on UK orders over £25 or an optional Fast Delivery Service on most of our stocked items. However, some items take a little longer or may be subject to additional delivery costs due to their size and weight. We can also dispatch to most European addresses.

Please read the details on our ORDERING page before placing your order.


It is always good to receive feedback and we know that it is helpful to our customers to hear about other people's experiences. Over the years we have received some heart warming comments from customers who have enjoyed our products and valued our service. If you are interested in reading what they have to say, please do take a look at our TESTIMONIALS page.


In 2011 we opened a small retail outlet in the main concourse of Inverness Airport where we stock a wide selection of our smaller items. For details of opening hours visit our AIRPORT RETAIL page.

We also have a small selection of toys available from Eliza-Kate Crafts on Nairn High Street where you will also find a beautiful range of locally made gifts. 


Nok On Wood was launched in 2006 as a mobile shop taking a range of toys to Highland Games and other events in and around the Highlands of Scotland. It is such a delightful way of keeping in touch with our customers and enjoying the stunning highland countryside that we still maintain this tradition today. If you live locally to us or are visiting the area do take a look at our EVENTS page for details of where you will find us.