Welcome and thank you for your interest in Nok On Wood.

Nok On Wood is an independent (family) project that was conceived in 2006 as a natural extension to our discovery and enthusiasm for unique wooden toys. Over time it grew to accommodate and embrace other projects including sharing our love for inspirational quotes and sayings.

Based in Morayshire, we initially started trading with wooden toys at festivals and events in and around the Highlands of Scotland. In 2007 we introduced our website as an opportunity to serve our customers in the remote areas of Scotland and later we opened a small shop (now closed) at Inverness Airport.

Over the years we expanded our product range to include a selection of wooden gifts and in 2014 we started producing our own wall plaques under the design name of KooKoo Crafts. These are individually hand made and include a variety of quotes and sayings.

In our 14 years of trading, we have noticed a dramatic shift in the way children play. The increasing influence of video games and digital toys has had a significant effect on the wooden toy business. However we still wholeheartedly believe in the vital role wooden toys play in child development and were committed to continuing to include them in our product range for as long as possible.

2020 was set to be an exciting year of re-focus and growth.

Throughout 2019 we were in contact with new suppliers and were preparing to introduce a new range of wooden toys that had a stronger emphasis on natural wooden finishes. We were also developing our own unique brand of plaques and gifts aimed at supporting personal development and well being – a topic that we are passionate about. However, due to personal health issues, the uncertainty of Brexit and the added challenges of trading within the confines of Covid19 lock-down restrictions, all those plans went on hold.

Stock Availability

As our existing stock has diminished, we regret that we are no longer able to offer wooden toys. However, our ever popular Train Letters are still available along with a selection of wooden puzzles and limited editions of our hand-made wall plaques. Please use the Contact page to enquire about existing stockists and availability.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our long-standing customers for their support and shared enthusiasm for our products. We hope the toys and gifts you have bought from us in the past will continue to be treasured by many generations.

Cheryl & Paul Harvey