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Hand Crafted In Scotland

Nok On Wood plaques are all lovingly hand-crafted by us, at home in the North of Scotland. We carefully select the materials for quality and durability and we personally take care of every process to ensure we bring you our greatest care and attention to detail.

Keeping our emphasis on well being and personal development we create and collect quotes that fall into three main categories:-


Although occasionally we do add a few others such as ‘Diva Den’ & ‘Man Cave’ because we recognise that sometimes everyone needs a place to escape to. There is nothing better than creating a little sanctuary at home for personal well-being – somewhere the usual house rules do not apply or where we can feel pampered.

The Creative Process

Our quotes are gathered from many different sources – books, articles, websites and of course many of our friends, family and customers frequently share their favourites with us. However, a few are what we determine as divine intervention, in that they just ‘pop’ into our heads or are spoken in conversation without any pre-thought. Those are the quotes we feel particularly excited to share with you, and when you like them too, it warms our hearts and makes what we offer feel valuable.

Once all the quotes are gathered together, the creative process begins, starting with font styling, design layout and sourcing images to compliment the text. This is Cheryl’s domain and she can spend hours editing the styles before she is happy with the result.

When the designs are ready, she prints them onto high gsm parchment paper, selected for optimum quality. Then carefully hand-tears the edges of each design to create our unique feathered edge styling.

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