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Hand Crafted In Scotland

Nok On Wood plaques are all lovingly hand-crafted by us, at home in the North of Scotland. We carefully select the materials for quality and durability and we personally take care of every process to ensure we bring you our greatest care and attention to detail.

Keeping our emphasis on well being and personal development we create and collect quotes that fall into three main categories:-


Although occasionally we do add a few others such as ‘Diva Den’ & ‘Man Cave’ because we recognise that sometimes everyone needs a place to escape to. There is nothing better than creating a little sanctuary at home for personal well-being – somewhere the usual house rules do not apply or where we can feel pampered.

The Creative Process

Our quotes are gathered from many different sources – books, articles, websites and of course many of our friends, family and customers frequently share their favourites with us. However, a few are what we determine as divine intervention, in that they just ‘pop’ into our heads or are spoken in conversation without any pre-thought. Those are the quotes we feel particularly excited to share with you, and when you like them too, it warms our hearts and makes what we offer feel valuable.

Once all the quotes are gathered together, the creative process begins, starting with font styling, design layout and sourcing images to compliment the text. This is Cheryl’s domain and she can spend hours editing the styles before she is happy with the result.

When the designs are ready, she prints them onto high gsm parchment paper, selected for optimum quality. Then carefully hand-tears the edges of each design to create our unique feathered edge styling.

Preparing the Bases

For our larger stained wood plaques we use locally sourced Larch and for our Rustics we use Pine which Paul cuts to size before applying layers of dark-oak wood stain by hand to create a rich tone that provides a beautiful contrast to the parchment paper.

For the painted bases we use medium density fibreboard which provides a clean flat surface, ideal for crisp, even paint coverage. Again, each plaque is individually painted using a brush and vibrant paint colours to create the desired hand-painted finish.

Coordinating Colours

Selecting the most appropriate bases for each plaque is a matter of colour coordination and personal preference. In addition to the wood stain that suits most home interiors, red is a favourite that compliments many of our designs. Blue is another popular colour, but we do like to add a few other colours to keep things interesting and offer choices for our customers. Occasionally we create bespoke colours for custom designs.

To fix the parchment paper to the base, we use a high quality trade adhesive on both surfaces and carefully bring them together, applying even pressure to avoid wrinkles.

Getting this right requires a keen eye and patience so we prefer to take our time over this procedure and our large, bright conservatory is the ideal location to spread out and allow time for the glue to dry.

The Finishing Touches

Our favourite stage of preparation is seeing all the plaques laid out ready for varnishing, and if we are honest this is the stage where we are most likely to procrastinate. When we started making plaques in 2014, choosing the best varnish was a challenge. We eventually settled for a clear satin finish which ensures we do not loose the rich tones and texture of the bases and the clear bright colours on the parchment designs. However, even with great care, varnishing is the stage where we are most likely to hit snags and occasionally loose some of our carefully prepared designs (hence the procrastination).

After varnishing, the plaques are laid out to dry before the final stages of drilling holes and applying fixings. All our Wall Plaques are supplied with a D-Ring mounting on the back and our Rustics have sisal string hung from tiny brass rings screwed into the top edge of each plaque. This ensures our customers have the choice to remove the fixings on both designs without damaging the surface of their plaque.

The final preparation is to ensure all surfaces are smooth and that the quality of the product has not been compromised in any way before applying our labels.

Preparation for Sale

Even when the creation process is complete, there are a few more stages before everything is packed away ready for sale. The first of these is photographs for the website, which again takes place in our bright conservatory. As the space is not dedicated to this process we usually combine as many products as possible into one photo shoot.

If we are preparing for a trade event, the final stage is to assemble our display stand at home to ensure everything is ready and that we are happy with the set-up. Photographing the stand also ensures we have a smooth set-up on the day of the event.

Table Top Stand Prepared For A Christmas Event 2019

Summer Stand At An Outdoor Event 2015

Living in the North of Scotland means being surrounded by spectacular scenery and we enjoy taking advantage of this by presenting our products at indoor and outdoor events in Morayshire, Speyside and the Scottish Highlands. If you are hosting an event and would like us there, please do get in touch.

Alternatively if you have a craft shop or retail outlet and would like to stock our plaques we are happy to discuss providing you with a selection of plaques and accompanying retail stands.